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Best analytical capabilities empower traders to make informed decisions that allow for increased profit potential. Our goal is to arm you with tools that provide the competitive advantage prior to investing.

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With the trader in mind, we focus on three elements: Platform, Strategy and Approach.

Open Ended: Provides flexibility in number of option strategies and trading systems that could be implemented and executed.

Dual Capabilities:
   1. Facilitates hands-on education focusing on building and managing your trades
   2. Generates signals that can assist in day-to-day trading

Democratization of Trading Process: Highly customized and personalized "Do It Yourself" trading system that is built by you for you, avoiding the typical "black box" trading systems.

Back Testing: Confirmation of selected criteria through Option Time Machine (OTM) and Track Record Reporting (TRR).
   1. Option Time Machine - Allows selection of any day dating back to 2006 to test criteria using
       different markets
   2. Track Record Reporting - Produces all trades and summary results for multiple years in one report

Set It and Forget It: Web based program allowing access anywhere. While with family at dinner or with friends at a game, results from your system are delivered directly to your mobile device eliminating the need to spend hours at the computer.

Time Savings: Program automatically follows your personalized trading system. If you like your results, you can perform further analysis on either your computer or mobile device. It will take 15 minutes a day and you never miss your signals.

Search Option Trades: Applies option-specific filtering criteria directly to your option trades.
   1. Probability of Success*
   2. Expected Profit/Loss*
   3. Minimum Credit*
   4. Trade Duration*
*Not available when filtering underlying instruments

Probability Based Trading: Adopts the "casino-like" approach. Set probability and expected profit/loss high, then trade against the market - Turn yourself into the house.

Personalized Probability Calculation: Uses underlying historical behavior for probability calculation to provide a competitive advantage. Upgrade to this unique method of calculation, and avoid the "one-size-fits-all" formula that uses normal distribution and implied volatility.

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