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Best analytical capabilities empower traders to make informed decisions that allow for increased profit potential. Our goal is to arm you with tools that provide the competitive advantage prior to investing via use of Probability Arbitrage. This powerful approach to option trading can be easily achieved with EzTrade Suite of Trading Tools.

EZ Trading Ideas offers a unique view on option trading opportunities.

Provides exact option trades for each Trade Idea.

Gives in-depth Probability and Expected Profit / Loss analysis for each option trade by setting proper trade expectations.

Unique charting capabilities visualize future Price Trajectory - a feature that cannot not be found in any other services.

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EZ Trade Builder creates your personalized Options Trading System and emails you results.

Review your Signals in just 15 minutes a day.

EZ's proven method generates your Historical and Stress Test probabilities, far more advanced and predictive than typical "black box" offerings with their inflexible, "one-size-fits-all" formulas.

Easily customize with EZ's option trading specific filtering criteria: Expected Profit/Loss, Probability of Profit, Minimum Credit, Volatility Ratios, Volatility Percentile.

EZ's Back Testing capability confirms the selected criteria against the day-by-day options pricing database.

EZ's Track Record system presents all trades and summary results for multiple years in one report.

Risk Management support before and after entering trades - helping in defining true expectation of the trade.

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EZ's Option Matrix Analyzer provide option chain validation with in-depth analysis of Probability, Expected Profit/Loss and Implied Volatility Percentile.

EZ's Stress Test Probability and Expected Profit / Loss determines the expectation of staying profitable in a trade, even if the underlying assets were to turn against you and exhibit worst case behavior, reaching the extremes of prior time frames.

Advanced users will appreciate the ability to view and compare for each strike Probability and Expected Profit/Loss, calculated based on IV and IV skew, vs. Historical and Stress Test values, with 1 to 5 years of price history behavior.

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EZ Probability Calculator Uses new methodology of calculating probability

EZ Probability Calculator Calculates probability of underlying not reaching certain price within set number of days

EZ Probability Calculator Introduces new Anytime Probability of underlying not reaching certain price anytime during set period of days

EZ Probability Calculator Provides in-depth Volatility analysis

EZ Probability Calculator Offers Probabilities, Volatilities Percentile and Peers Comparison charts

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EZ Signals Builder offers exact next day signals for placing or exiting trades.

EZ Signals provides prebuilt trading systems with sets of input parameters that can be customized to personalize your trading preferences and immediately back test it.

Results are presented in 3 Reports:
  • EZ's Summary captures Total Profit/Loss, ROI, Percent Winners, Max and Average Profit/Loss per Trade. Each category is also compared to Buy/Sell and Hold strategies.
  • EZ's Track Record shows Entry/Exit points for all trades that would be taken based on selected parameters.
  • EZ's Next Day Watch List sets precise entry signals for Stocks/ETFs/Index that are considered most likely to be reached next day based on EZ's Recommended Parameters.
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